Is Your Pet Food Safe?


Which Of These Are True?


  • Is your cat overweight?

  • Have stomach sensitivity?

  • Get urinary infections?

  • Is your cat's fur dull or flaky?

  • Does kitty throw up frequently?

  • Does your cat eat dry kibble?

  • Is your kitty over the age of 5?


If you answered YES to ANY of these, your cat is at RISK of Chronic Disease...


Because Commercial Food is the Problem!

Problem with Cat Food Today

  • Poor Quality - Almost All Pet Food uses Pet Grade Protein (unfit for humans to eat)
  • Unsafe - Over 173 recalls in 10 years

  • Risk of Salmonella - #1 Reason for Recalls

  • Hard to Digest - Cats are Not Suppose to Eat Carbs

  • Chronic Dehydration - Result from Feeding Dry Food.

  • Kidney Failure - Low Quality Food & Dehydration Increases Risk of Kidney Disease


Kidney Disease is #1 Cause of Death in Cats

1 out of 3 cats will get Kidney Disease


Feeding Raw Reduces Your Cat's Risk of Kidney Disease... a PREVENTABLE Disease.

Cats on Raw Cat Food Live Longer, Healthier Lives.

Why Cats Need Meat

  • Cat Are Obligatory Carnivores - Their Body is Designed to Only Eat Meat.

  • Cats are Descendants of Desert Animals & Get Water From Food Only.

  • Raw is Easy for Cats to Digest - Perfect for Sensitive Stomach.

  • Raw Meat & Bones Has Easy to Absorb Vitamins, Minerals & Micro-Nutrients.

Health Benefits of Raw Cat Food

Improved Digestion

Eliminates Food Allergies & IBD Symptoms.  Great for Sensitive Stomach.

Healthy Weight

Eliminating Carbs Will Help Kitty Lose Extra Weight While Keeping Muscle

Urinary Health

Proper Water Content Keeps Kidney & Renal System Healthy

Prevent Chronic Disease

Reduces Risk of Diabetes, Kidney Disease & Urinary Problems

Healthy Skin & Coat

Easy to Absorb Bio-Available Nutrients Keep Skin & Coat Healthy & Soft.

Healthier Teeth & Gums

Chewing Raw Meat Keep Teeth Clean - Reduces Risk of Gingivitis & Plaque

Make Raw Cat Food for 2 Weeks in 30 Minutes

No Special Equipment Needed....Just a Blender.

Let's be honest:  No one loves your cat the way you do. 

When you take control of your cat's nutrition, you know exactly what is going into their food because YOU MADE IT. 

All the food is Human Grade, from the grocery store.

Best part:  You SAVE MONEY on cat food AND vet bills. 

Homemade raw is only about $1 per Day to feed.

Raw Cat Food Master Course


What You Will Be Learning:

  • Essential Cat Nutrition 101
  • How to Feed Your Cat Raw
  • How to Transition a Picky Cat
  • Where to Buy Ingredients
  • Easy Homemade Treats for Kitty
  • Raw Cat Food Recipe eBook
  • PLUS: Raw Recipes for Cats on Prescription Diets

Online Course Includes:

Video Instruction  +  Recipes eBook + Unlimited Email Access to Instructor

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Here is What Some of Our Clients Have to Say...

No More Food Allergies

I started making raw cat food for Jax because his skin was flaky and he had food allergies. Now his fur looked so much better and he has a ton of energy!

~ Mom:  Jennifer T.

IBD Issues Gone Away

Pearl was diagnosed with IBD and I wanted to see if raw food will help her stomach issues.  In just a few days, the problems went away and she no longer has diarrhea.

~ Mom: Sara P.

Loves Raw CKD Diet

Flora was on prescription kidney food but hated it and would refuse to eat.  After switching her to raw, she happily finishes her food & begs for more.

~ Dad:  Robert C.

In the Raw Cat Food Master Course, You Will Learn:

Give Your Cat the Gift of Health.

  Start Making Homemade Raw Today

Raw Cat Food Master Course


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Raw Cat Food Master Course

Cat Nutrition + How to Make Raw + Video Instruction  +  Recipes eBook + Unlimited Email Access to Instructor

Yes, Enroll Me Now for $37