Why Cat Owners are Switching to Raw


Which Of These Are True?


  • Is your cat overweight?

  • Does your cat have stomach sensitivity?

  • Does your cat get urinary infections?

  • Is your cat's fur dull or flaky?

  • Does kitty throw up frequently?

  • Does your cat eat dry kibble?

  • Is your cat on a prescription diet?
  • Is your kitty over the age of 5?


If you answered YES to ANY of these,

Commercial Cat Food is the Problem.

Problem with Cat Food Today

  • Poor Quality - Almost All Pet Food uses Pet Grade Protein (unfit for humans to eat)
  • Unsafe - Pet Food has had over 173 recalls in 10 years

  • Risk of Salmonella - #1 Reason for Recalls in Pet Food

  • Hard to Digest - Cats are Not Suppose to Eat Carbs

  • Chronic Dehydration - Result from Feeding Dry Food - Cats do not usually drink water.

  • Kidney Failure - Low Quality Food & Dehydration Increases Your Cat's Risk of Kidney Disease


Feeding Raw Helps Strengthen Your Cat's Immune System.

Cats on Raw Cat Food Live Longer, Healthier Lives.

Why Cats Crave Real Meat


  • Cat Are Obligatory Carnivores - Their Body is Designed to Only Eat Meat.

  • Cats are Descendants of Desert Animals & Get Water From Food Only.

  • Raw is Easy for Cats to Digest - Perfect for Sensitive Stomach.

  • Raw Meat & Bones Has Easy to Absorb Vitamins, Minerals & Micro-Nutrients.

Health Benefits of Raw Cat Food

Improved Digestion

Eliminates Food Allergies & IBD Symptoms.  Great for Sensitive Stomach.

Healthy Weight

Eliminating Carbs Will Help Kitty Lose Extra Weight While Keeping Muscle

Urinary Health

Proper Water Content Keeps Kidney & Renal System Healthy

Prevent Chronic Disease

Reduces Risk of Diabetes, Kidney Disease & Urinary Problems

Healthy Skin & Coat

Easy to Absorb Bio-Available Nutrients Keep Skin & Coat Healthy & Soft.

Healthier Teeth & Gums

Chewing Raw Meat Keep Teeth Clean - Reduces Risk of Gingivitis & Plaque

When you make Raw Cat Food, you know exactly what is going into .... and it's only about $1 per day to feed.


Raw Cat Food Master Course

Cat Nutrition + How to Make Raw + Video Instruction  +  Recipes eBook + Unlimited Email Access to Instructor

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Our Goal is to Help You Feel Confident About Making Raw Cat Food for Your Kitty.

We'll Teach You Everything You Need to Know:

  • Essential Cat Nutrition 101
  • How to Feed Your Cat Raw
  • How to Transition a Picky Cat
  • Where to Buy Ingredients
  • Easy Homemade Treats for Kitty
  • Raw Cat Food Recipe eBook
  • PLUS: Raw Recipes for Cats on Prescription Diets

Online Course Includes:

Video Instruction  +  Recipes eBook + Unlimited Email Access to Instructor

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Here is What Some of Our Clients Have to Say...

No More Food Allergies

I started making raw cat food for Jax because his skin was flaky and he had food allergies. Now his fur looked so much better and he has a ton of energy!

~ Mom:  Jennifer T.

IBD Issues Gone Away

Pearl was diagnosed with IBD and I wanted to see if raw food will help her stomach issues.  In just a few days, the problems went away and she no longer has diarrhea.

~ Mom: Sara P.

Loves Raw CKD Diet

Flora was on prescription kidney food but hated it and would refuse to eat.  After switching her to raw, she happily finishes her food & begs for more.

~ Dad:  Robert C.

Here is What You Will Learn in the Raw Cat Food Course:

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